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  1. ha. i can relate but mine is with yoga. ouch.
    did you like the dvd? i have yet to try pilates.

  2. Yes, I LOVE it! I can do sit ups forever, but it's not my upper abs that are, er, "gushy" right now. Pilates is totally working parts of my body that normal routines generally miss. My lower abs are screaming right now! Oof! But you know the feeling, the muscle ache after a workout. It's a good kind of oof!

  3. do you ever do yoga?

  4. that's what I was gonna say The first time I did yoga I couldn't move my arms for like 24 hours. I couldn't beleive it!

  5. I haven't yet. It looks so easy, so does the pilates. That assumption is sooo wrong! But the idea of having total control over my body, my movements, and a nice calming workout that still really works you out, I'm so game!

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