poll: fav parts of your body

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  1. Ohh... I like my skin. Especially lately. All this exercise is making me sweat more, which makes me more aware of my complexion, so every night, I use a soy exfoliating scrub and a clay mask, and my skin has never looked better.
    I also like my waist. Even though everything above and below it is still wobbly and jiggly and fat, my waist is firm and well defined and narrow.

  2. Can you name the products you are using? The soy scrub and the clay mask. Thanks.

  3. yeah, of course I use Neutrogena's Visibly Even foaming cleanser with Essential Soy, and afterward, I use the Oil of Olay Daily Clay mask

  4. oooh lower legs haha Im still lower leg flirting! Ive been buying dresses that show them off :)
    oh and Im pretty fond of my boobs. I want them a little smaller but hopefully they go down a bit after more weight is lost. If not then Im getting a reduction.

  5. rack The girls are decent.
    That's about it.

  6. my favorite parts probably my colarbone and shoulders. I love that the bones are prominent, to me it's one of the sexiest parts on the female body.
    And while I'm not always fond of my runners legs, I am proud of the way they look as it is a reflection of all my hard work. I just wish they weren't on my body, I'd appreciate them more!

  7. hmm Favorite part of my body...well I really like my chest/collarbone area. I like my wrists and hands, theyre about the only thing on my thats LONG and lean lol. Also My stomach, its always been flat and now that i'm starting to see hip lines its really exciting!

  8. Mine Proportions--I've always had a waist and been in proportion. 40-32-40 last time I checked.
    Calves--was told once I had "perfect" calves
    Wrists/hands also--but getting ugly as I get older. I have very thin wrists and believe it or not, a pretty petite frame under all the layers.

  9. hmmm I have to agree with wrists. I have pretty dainty wrists. I like my hands and feet because they are so small. I get comments on them just about daily. It makes me feel cute I guess.
    I like my figure. Even though I'm petite, I still pull of an hourglass figure pretty good. I huge concern for me when I was going to lose weight, was that I'd lose the curviness to my body and that was something I've always appreciated about myself.

  10. kinda what happened to me.... i definitely lost some curves. a lot of curves actually.
    when i was larger i could call myself curvey. i thought my hips were huge and that i had an hourglass frame.
    i've now discovered the birthing hips were really just poorly placed fat. and the hourglass... yea, that was my spare tire.
    and my shoulders, much much more prominent than i thought they were.
    it's been quite shocking to see what was really underneath it all for me! in my case, much different than i expected.
    but i'm learning to like this shape.. not better, not worse, just different. very different. i'll be sexy in a totally new way, so its kinda fun.

  11. Nice that's what I was worried about. That my fat was just dispersed giving me a fake hourglass figure. All the ladies on my dad's side are curvy. Teeny tiny waists with hips and tatas. MY mom's side of the family are petite all around. Don't get me wrong, my mom is HAWT. She's got a hot bod. But I've just loved the curviness a little more. I wouldn't have been disappointed had I turned out with my mom's figure, but I was hoping for the hourglass

  12. hourglass was great... and i enjoyed it and it looked great with the extra meat on me. i was very va-va-voom at times :)
    without the boobs... not loving it so much lol. so i'm glad it's kind of changed. i do have a waist, it's just much less defined than i thought it would be.
    and my hips are really popping now. guess i traded popping ass for popping hips bones!
    now that you mention family resemblance i'm going to have to go look at my mom's wedding pictures... i never could compare my body to anyone else's because i put the extra pounds on at a young age and always maintained at that level naturally (i ate like crazy and was an athlete so my weight/size was very stable). i was never small enough to compare.
    my mom was also hawt :)
    now i'll have to look and see! maybe i'm more like her than i thought.

  13. funny because I never saw my mom in me. I always had olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and curves. I always looked like my dad's side of the family.
    A few months ago I was going through some of my g-ma's and there's a picture of my mom in 12th grade. She's standing with a bunch of her friends. I thought it was a cute pic so I asked if I could have it. Put it in a frame and put it next to a picture of me and my friends and was shocked. Not only are we both in the exact same pose, if you had just put dark hair on her, facially speaking, we would look identical. It was weird.

  14. My shape In general.
    But mostly, my tatas and tattoos!

  15. It's weird, but I've almost lost a sense of my body, aesthetically. I was trying to put together some before-and-afters...and I realized, not only did I not know what I looked like when I was heavy, I don't know what I look like right now.
    But I have pretty awesome colored eyes. And I'm developing a good working relationship with my shoulders.

  16. right there with you somedays, i couldn't pick me out of a lineup. not the before, and not the after either.

  17. Three My eyes. Weird pale pale grey-blue-green. I always get the comment that they are "other-worldly."
    Shoulders. They are cut, develop easily (in other words, I see workout results FAST).
    Sides of my legs. I have a cut defining the outside of my legs from just above knee on up. I have worked hard for these! Lol.
    Now, if I could just get my abs to work. HA

  18. My twin??? Same eyes, shoulders, and legs but like you am really trying for visible abs, but so far only have the slightly side-cut obliques.

  19. Lucky you! I am really working on getting my fat down this month. Sooo focused! Wish I had some ever-so-slightly cut side obliques!

  20. You made me sad I don't particularly like anything about my body anymore. I have gotten chubbier, and I'm hairy. :-(

  21. go smaller into the detail of it. i bet there is something you like if you stop concentrating on everything you don't like. maybe you like the size of your hands, or the power in your calves (mr. jumprope :P) or grip strength you have. maybe you think you have a nice smile, or ears that sit well on your head, or a hair color you wouldn't trade in or nicely shaped teeth. maybe you have a dimple. maybe you are tall, or maybe you are just tall enough without being "too tall."
    hairy isn't all bad :P

  22. Mine I kinda like my collar bone, mostly because I can see it now where as before I never could.
    I'm in a weird place right now with my body. I'm smaller than I've ever been (well, I probably hit this weight on the way up, but that was probably in junior high). I like that I can now shop in normal stores and that I'm fitting into sizes I've never seen before, but I'm also really hating the after effects of being obese for most of my life. I used to love my boobs, but they really disappoint me now. I went from a small-medium D cup down to a medium B cup and can now notice that one is slightly bigger than the other (which I hear is pretty normal, but I never noticed it before). They are saggy and streched out and blah. My lower stomach bothers me a lot. I was large enough that it kinda flopped over. It still does, but to a much lesser degree. Still that flop and skin annoy the heck out of me.
    Part of my issue I think is that I don't hate my body how it is now, because I remember how much worse it was before. But also, it's better than its ever been before, but still isn't that great. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I think I'm blah to myself right now which is a weird place to be.

  23. sounds just like me.... my goals are pretty big this time. i want to really go for it. i mean really, hard lean body.
    i thought i was adding a lot more muscle of the past months than i really have been, and i now realize fully that all the lifting has probably only helped me maintain my current muscle mass. kinda disappointing when i figured it out.
    so although my body is better than ever and skinnier, etc, it's still nowhere near my final goal. and i'm having a hard time appreciating this inbetween stage even though it's been a HUGE accomplishment.
    plus i have a hard time getting out of my old unhappy mindset.
    hang in there. sounds like you're very much in a similar state of mind to where i am. and it sounds like you've also made huge progress.
    (oh and one of mine is bigger too lol)
    and for the tum... my friends used to call me triangle belly (when i was very young. i didn't quite flop over, but my gut just shoots out! even though, like you, its to a much lesser degree now i know it's mentally always going to be soething i struggle wtih! dont worry.... it does get better!! if you see some progress, chances are you've made huge changes.

  24. where is that picture... of the the girl that your final goal is aiming towards again? I think you may have posted it earlier or a few days ago...
    also...my right one is bigger.

  25. i like jen heath a lot. we did some searching and i like how she looks here a lot (in the pink deomnstarting). strong. but not huge. defined. athletic. gorgeous if you ask me.
    if i could get to her "about the author" pic... welll... i dont know what i woudl do. i know it would include a lot of pictures of myself.
    i like jamie eason a lot when she's more muscular. i really like her back and shoulders, but i would personally go a little more muscular than they usually photograph her (especially lower body).

  26. MTG that was one "I like" and a whole bunch of "I don't like". Hope you can turn it around. I had 2 ginormous babies, and my body is never going to be the same. I can love my body, stretched out stomach skin and all. Uneven boobs and all. Stretch marks and all. It really is a choice.

  27. I know Even after having a kid, I can be as thin as I can get, but my tummy will still be all stretch-marked and a little loose. My tummy is just one part of my body that I know I'll never like. I've made my peace with that. But at the same time, if I can be fit and trim in every other area, I will be happy to see my belly as my badge of motherhood instead of a striated eyesore.

  28. also.... for both of you (and any others feeling belly problems)...
    tnation/mwa does a physique clinic where they pick people and do a diet/exercise makeover, more or less. one woman selected (Neya) had definitely tummy birthing issues and made HUGE progress changing her body through her clinic.
    the threads are long (it's over a few months) but it might be something you enjoy reading through some day.

  29. hey, how's your picture-posting going?

  30. I have part of it figured out, but I can't figure out how to re-size an image. Thanks again for the help!

  31. Image resizing needs to be done apart from the posting process. You can try using Windows Imaging - or even Windows Paint - to resize images to your liking.

  32. similarly i went through where you are now. it is a very ambivalent time - i know how you feel.
    for the shrinking boobs, one of the fitness ladies gave me the advice of doing pectoral work when lifting weight and specifically to do decline presses. it made a big difference to me in how i felt about mine and where they sit on my chest. wearing a pushup bra with underwire helps me on days when i'm not retaining water and am flatter than i would like.
    i also wanted to say that a year after entering maintenance, i could tell a different difference in how much sag there and loose skin there was. it is all much tighter now than it was then (not cover model tight now, but better.) time really did make a difference.
    hang in there.

  33. good thing there don;t seem to be any guys responding to this question. I know what THAT answere would be.LOL.

  34. ahem

  35. Legs, ass, shoulders, eyes.

  36. my toes because they are so long and everyone makes fun of them.

  37. Hrrmm I used to like my collarbones like everyone else, but now they're sort of gone. I can only really see them if I round my shoulders forward, otherwise there's a pec under them now that kind of causes them to blend into my pec muscle.
    I do like my shoulders because when I train I get veins that come out on the anterior delts (this is probably gross to a lot of you, but I like it)
    but they come with a downfall... shirts and jackets don't fit well most of the time over the arms and shoulders.

  38. hahaha this weekend.... i was trying on dresses in a little boutique here...
    i literally couldn't get my arms in the sleeve of one dress past my elbows!!!! hahaha.
    i dont even have that big biceps!
    seriously now people... i know boutiques are catered to super skinny girls often, but come on! i dont think a 5th grader could get their arms in that dress!
    anyways, it cracked me up. and i'm sensing that problem will soon be arising more often with my shoulders.

  39. I've actually split a suit jacket down the back of the sleeves when I put my shoulders back.
    On one hand I'm like "Yeah! Awesome... *sniff* I'm huge!" on the other hand I'm like "Why can't I be tiny cute and dainty?"
    While the last comment is more infrequent now, it used to be a constant nag in my head before acceptance of my naturally larger athletic frame.

  40. so i am not alone with those thoughts? i thought i was the only female who had difficulty wearing certain shirts/jackets/tops because the shoulders were too small. i feel like the hulk some days.

  41. Nah, you're not alone My sister was a pro bodybuilder... My cousin is an olympic athlete, my girlfriends are fighters... We all have the same issues.
    Things fit us differently.
    God forbid I go shopping and find something that fits over my quads and my derriere... it will definitely be too big in the waist. I have to wear brazillian type cut pants that allow for a squatters butt/quads and doesn't assume you're thick in the waist as well.
    Same thing goes for the top... my shoulders are big, but my waist is not... it V tapers, but the shirts aren't made that way.

  42. do you wear shorts for kickboxing? I have trouble with shorts because they are either too short...and I dont want to give everyone a crotch shot. Or theyre too long and when I try and run or kick I get constant wedgies. My instructor wants us to wear shorts for thai boxing though...do you have a specific type of shorts that works for you?

  43. You can wear the tight fight shorts (which are a little out of fight style now if you notice) or you can do the loose grappling shorts in the pics on the bottom.

  44. sweeet... I like the black and pink. I'm afraid of the longer ones. Have you worn them?

  45. Yeah, the problem with the long shorts is that they're long in the crotch. I don't like saggy crotch shorts.

  46. me either. saggy crotch sucks.

  47. i hate the leg thing! i've learned that spandex in my pants is my only friend. i can't wear regular jeans unless they're "stretch" jeans. very annoying....
    and for shirts, i haven't built up the shoulders for that yet, but looking at my frame without all the fat on it, i can see this being an issue soon.
    i had a hard time with fitted coats already just putting my arms out. stick some more muscle on there and i dont know what i'm going to do!
    "Things fit us differently. " ain't that for damn sure.

  48. I have some problems too but I'm not sure I would consider myself super muscular (yet).
    The shoulders are always too tight. Chest too tight. I am still in a large for tops.
    When I was in super great shape, there was always a "gut pocket" in the jeans, and they were always "biting" me around the thighs.
    Maybe we need to start a new fashion line/specialty store?
    Something like Tall Girl....

  49. i think its way cool. dainty is nice, and there are days when i'm torn and think "screw this muscle thing, i just wnat to be small and girlie feeling" but it's SO MUCH COOLER so be strong and athletic if you ask me :)
    i love that image of you splitting your jacket open. totally badass.

  50. Does this count??? My fave body part is my......
    Other than that, I like my breasts. lol

  51. hmm I like my dark eyes, long slender fingers, and my ankles. I have always had an hour glass figure (extra sand in the bottom) and now that I've lost 30+ pounds, I have a waist again. Yay!

  52. My big, hard . . . . triceps.
    What did you think I was going to say? ;)

  53. I like my overall shape. Definitely curvy & girly :) I know what you mean about having broad shoulders & curvy ass - I love it because it definitely helps with the "hourglass" shape!

  54. today i'm not liking a whole lot. but i'm assuming that's the hormones or lack thereof talking.
    my knees, bc one's been broken and the other one is scarred and both have pockmarks from where i fell in gravel when i was a kid ... and they both still do what i want them to do.
    my shoulders, bc they've always been straight and broad, and losing weight to find out that they stayed the same was comforting to me when everything else was changing so much.

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