POLL: The difo fairy grants you 3 wishes...

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  1. My three 1) To be four inches taller
    2) To have normal skin, hair and eyes, so that I did not have to slime myself in a gallon of sunscreen every time I go outside when the sun is up.
    3) To have enough time to train for, and participate in, a coast-to-coast run, hike, or bicycle ride.

  2. My three 1. To have hair of any color, any day of the week, without the damage
    2. To have boobs of any size, depending on my mood, without the scars or silicone
    3. To fully enjoy my health, fitness, and beauty (boobs, hair, and all) regardless of my moods

    At least I can aspire to #3...gotta wait on technology/science for #1 & #2

  3. +++++

  4. Oh, LoL I think we'd wish for just about the exact same thing.
    I think every body type and feature looks beautiful when doing its own thing. I'd love to be able to morph and change with whatever style I was feeling that day.

  5. I think I would trade all three wishes for one big mega-wish, and be able to body morph whenever I felt like it. To be tall when I need to be tall, short when I want to feel petite, thin for that slinky little silk number, curvy for that adorable sundress, to change my foot size when I find amazing shoes, but alas, they're out of 6's, to grow and color my hair and nails at a whim, change my skin tone, add or subtract freckles, etc.
    Man. That would be a great wish.

  6. I like this one! LOL! That would be awesome wouldn't it! :)

  7. 1. No unwanted hair. Anywhere. Ever. 2. Breasts like I'd never been overweight.
    3. A magic dance or some other kind of (maybe yoga? maybe martial artsy? maybe spinning) class whose schedule changes with my schedule- so that it was always there, with a good teacher, when I had time to go.

  8. You know... my mother doesn't grow hair on her arms OR her legs.
    Isn't that bizarre? Lucky little !@#$ *grumble grumble*
    Couldn't pass on THAT gene, could she? Noooo....

  9. my mom doesnt either!! Its crazy. Her legs and arms are smooth as can be. No stubble. Nothing. I, on the other hand, shave my whole body as to not be a hairy beast and scare people away!

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