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  1. Hmmmm 1. More weights! And a squat rack. And an olympic bar. And well, gee a whole gym magically in my basement! (Oh, and a minor thing- higher ceilings in the basement, stupid 100+ yr. old house....)
    2. Heart rate monitor- I think I am getting one for my bday! :)

  2. Answers 1. Pool. I think it would make the summer a bit more bearable.
    2. New workout clothes. I am starting to get sick of the dumpy Tshirts and shorts. They do not emphasize my newfound "hotness".

  3. you could change your handle to "the hotness"

  4. heh heh

  5. hmmm... Id probably just get a really nice treadmill, or some heavy bags.
    100 dollars to buy whatever I need? I seriously need some new tennisshoes, and new handwraps. And a gym bag. lol Im in need of a few things right now.

  6. 1. Elliptical trainer. Good one. Like the ones at the gym. I can't trust myself to do weights at home, but cardio I can.
    2. Sneakers, sports bra, and new sweatpants. This, by the way, is what I'm going out to do on saturday. Present to myself for getting through the term from HELL.

  7. :) i love a good poll.
    for 1, if a self-cleaning pool with side hot tub is not an option, i would choose an elliptical with an attached tv/dvd player/laptop shelf. that way i could run if it were raining, and my goofing off time could keep me on my feet instead slumped in a chair or on the couch.
    for 2, i would buy new weight lifting gloves, bc mine are raggedy. i would also buy 2 25 lb. dumbbells, bc i'm outgrowing the 20 lb ones i have at home.
    the rest would go for what i bought this weekend - road id tags for me and my husband, and flasher lights to wear in the dark. i can't believe that it is dark at 6:30 in the morning again. the summer flew by.

  8. poll step mill oh yeah
    lululemon pants

  9. dang i'm changing my 2.
    i've been lusting after a completely ridiculous bag for weeks now. i would apply my 100 to the lululemon elite gym bag instead.

  10. they have some NICE things!

  11. I lust after this gym bag. I feel so silly in a suit carrying a three-dollar nylon bag full of sneakers...
    or this one, which even has a laptop pocket!

  12. the laptop thing is how i sucked into it ... laptop plus shoe tunnel or pocket = happiness.
    here's a pic of the elite:

  13. Pretty! I really think...that the nice-gym-bag is closer to the necessity side of the scale than the indulgence side. Especially if you're in a professionall-y office.
    Which is not to say I don't love my three dollar gym bag. Nothing says "don't steal me! there's nothing of value here" like a three-dollar bag...
    but...I mean, imagine that nice bag under a desk! Sittin' there, waitin' to go to the gym, lookin' so terribly legitimate, so grown-up, yet keeping sneakers at the ready!

  14. you first :) i need a girl bag in looks with a boy bag shoe capacity - hard to find.
    my gym bag is a freebie zip-up tote bag my mother gave me 4 years ago with a textbook manufacturer's name printed on the side. i'm very sure that my boss thinks it is one of the more atrocious accessories she's ever seen.

  15. 1. rowing machine I thought about buying one before but was told that the noise level could be pretty annoying to the people that live below me. So I assume that if it can magically fit in my apartment, it would magically not annoy the people below me too???
    2. Probably just some PT sessions.

  16. lately i have really been thinking about buying a rowing machine. thankfully no one is below me. hmm.

  17. doooo it!

  18. after just 1 year on crew, i cant stand rowing! I do it anyway, but hate it every second of the way!
    negative nancy and i will go away now :)

  19. Hmmm 1. I would buy a sailboat! I love sailing and it's a GREAT "piece" of workout equipment!
    2. The $100 would go towards a George Foreman grill. I still can't believe I haven't bought one... Shame on me!

  20. good poll I would get an elliptical machine that would magically never break or need maintenance!
    And for my 100 dollars, I would buy 100 dollars worth of socks because I go through so many. I like Nike brand ones because they seem to last longer for me and are a bit more durable (so my machine doesn't eat them up).

  21. Mine 1. I'd go with the aquacisor. I don't know if this would actually work for running, but I like the idea of it. And that you could row in it. And that it's a freaking hot tub.
    2. Part of me wants to say a heart rate monitor because that seems like a healthy, respectable purchase, but in reality I'd go with more/new gym clothes. I just love getting new workout stuff. It always motivates me to go more often. And the more I have, the less likely I'll be able to use the excuse of not having anything clean so that I can't go to the gym.

  22. 1. a complete weight machine set.. i mean, COMPLETE.. it would have bench presses, pull down bar, tricep extension bars, etc. etc. Does that count as one equipment? if not, i'll take a treadmill.
    2. for hundred bucks.. a medicine ball, kettle ball, stepper.

  23. its hard i do like going to the gym.
    a good treadmill
    a personal chef

  24. 1) a big screen TV powered by an elliptical machine.
    2) stability ball and foam roller.

  25. #1 = LOL!!!

  26. ++++++++ a trillion!

  27. 1) Horse. 2) Tack.

  28. 1. a lap pool would be nice Though, there's one at my gym a few blocks away, and the Lake is at front of my door. . .
    2. A few new lulu tops. 75% of mine are too big on me :-/

  29. 1. elliptical machine; 2) new gym bag or maybe a backup pair of NB shoes.

  30. 1.) a tri-bike my hybrid is just not cutting it for me. I have a need for speed!
    2.) New running shoes. Because I need them. Hopefully I could find them on sale for just under $100.

  31. right...a tri-bike + power tap trainer stand for indoor/winter riding and interval/power training too!
    price tag min $4000...max...$10,000???

  32. answers 1. A treadmill.
    2. Some new workout clothes and a food scale.

  33. my answers 1) elliptical
    2) - well you didn't say if what i got for the $100 magically fit in my apt. too. In NYC even a few new sports bras can cause space problems. Also, I admit if it were under $100 and I really wanted it I probably have it. Maybe a food scale but not sure I really want one. Maybe some small weights. A second pair of sneakers to have at the ready....

  34. Mine 1) a complete weight set up to a pair of 55 pound dumbbells with the rack.
    2) a new flat bench or used(or a good bargin) adjustible bench.
    A very close third would be impact floor mats.
    I'm good with finding cardio workouts. I'd love to do weight workouts at home.

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