Poll: What does your weight loss look like?!

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  1. Heh. Great idea... Apparently this:

  2. I can't open the pic, caz

  3. :( I'll try this dog!

  4. Doncha love putting it in perspective like that! I visualize sacks of flour or sugar when I equate my 30 lb. loss thus far.
    And the other night, while doing my step ups, with 25 lb. dumbbells in each hand, I though to myself- at one point in my life I was carrying even more weight with me- no wonder I was so frickin tired!

  5. My aunt bought bags of beans and put them all in a box for every pound she lost. She would pick it up from time to time to remind her how far she came. It was pretty incredible.

  6. Lol, mine looks like a kindergartener:

  7. like this plus 4

  8. I'm too lazy to try and figure out how to post a picture, but recently I had to make a run to Petsmart for kitty litter and dry food. I carried both the forty pound bad of litter and twenty pound bag of food to the register, to the car, and to my apartment when I finally realized that I was carrying around what I had lost. It was a huge realization just HOW MUCH 60 pounds was!

  9. I was at my biggest in 2006 at 210lbs.
    Since then, even with my recent binge-related gain, I've still lost 100 Quarter Pounders.

  10. in lbs or in calories?

  11. In lbs. Lemme figure this out...
    A quarter Pounder with cheese has 510 calories.
    1 lb fat = 3500 calories, and I've lost 25lbs, so...that's 87,500 calories.
    87,500 divided by 510 = 171 Quarter Pounders with cheese.

  12. :) i meant if you were counting the hamburgers as their scale weight piled up on one another, or the amount of calories that make them up that you've burned.
    i like to play the game that you described.

  13. I know what you meant and yeah, I was referring to their scale weight. Of course, we all know that a Quarter Pounder weighs more than just a quarter pound, but I just thought it was an interesting way to look at it.
    Apparently, someone doesn't agree with me.
    I should have just said I lost a toddler.
    I love numbers, and I like figuring out equivalents. It's always interesting to me to see what something looks like from another perspective. When one of my girlfriends was getting discouraged because she'd only lost 10lbs, I filled a big deposit bottle full of Crisco and gave it to her as a gift. She was totally grossed out, but I said "Here--this is to remind you what 10lbs of fat looks like."

  14. maybe you got negged for posting too nice of a pic of a hamburger? i'd kinda like a hamburger now after looking at it.

  15. LoL! Sorry 'bout that, Chi.
    Gotta admit, S_Bunny's Big Mac article did it to me. Damn it, McDonald's is even addictive through text!
    Nah, just look at the picture and think of what it's MADE of.

  16. I think that is awesome! And I think it is dumb someone negged you for it! Comparing your loss to something as nasty as a quarter pounder is kind of funny actually!

  17. for me i'm a big dog lighter :)

  18. It looks like that big ass fish stole Steven Tyler's lips.

  19. HAHAHA Hope the boss can't hear me snickering!

  20. I've lost a baby....look Ok, ok...15 lbs isn't much, unless you picture it as a newborn. And isn't he a cutie?(not mine, just a pic)lol

  21. Whoa If I gave birth to a 15lb newborn, I'd be hurtin'.
    Give yourself some credit, Bright. A newborn is usually about 6-9lbs. You've lost a 6 month old infant! Way to go!

  22. thnx. looking at it that way feels even better

  23. Sort of OT but one of my friends was a 12 lb. baby. We always laugh and say she came into the world and let them know she was here!

  24. how funny...my son weighed 10 and a half lbs at birth, and he was my firstborn. No wonder I waited 5yrs for my daughter.lol
    And thank God she weighed only 8 and a half lbs. heehee

  25. All I have to say is.... Ow!

  26. Hehe.

  27. technically... I lost 3 things from this picture the 40 lbs that the little guy weighs, the piggie mentality, aaand the pork from my plate!

  28. hahah nice. +3

  29. Nice!

  30. wowza! I HAD lost a hog:
    I gained back a pumpkin (large one):
    And need to lose a big fish to get to goal:
    And since back on plan (two weeks) I lost a cocker/dash mix dog!
    Great thread!

  31. your answer makes me want to go to the zoo. lol.
    But...good analagies(sp?)

  32. That would make sense. I'm a HUGE animal person. I told my SO someday I basically want to have a zoo at our house. LOL. He doesn't seem to fond of that. At the very least I want to foster animals!

  33. Hm, I don't know. What does negative 2 pounds look like?
    I know, I'm pathetic.

  34. type in "2 lbs" into google and click on images something will come up! 2 lbs is 2 lbs!

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