POLL: Worst injury from an athletic activity?

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  1. Never had one. I broke my wrist in kindergarten, and my son broke my nose last year, but those are the worst injuries I've ever had.
    OH! WAIT!
    When I was 13, I was building an amazing triatheltic gym for my cat. (Hey, you didn't say it had to be an athletic activity *WE* were doing)
    I had this awesome cardboard box, and was cutting holes in it for the cat to springboard from, and using the scissors to poke holes in the roof to suspend his trapeze (he was a very athletic kitty). The phone rang, and I put my materials on the top of the box, and went to answer it. When I came back, Kitty had knocked my stuff off onto the floor and was laying on the top of the box. I wasn't looking, and
    Scissors right through my foot.
    8 stitches on the top, 10 on the bottom.
    Damn cat stayed lazy for the rest of the summer. No freakin' trapeze for him.

  2. Oh my gosh! OUCH!

  3. Raquetball When I was 19 I through my shoulder out. I've had problems with it ever since.
    It's badminton for this girl now.

  4. threw not through. geez

  5. I fell off an elliptical and whanged my head on a wall pretty bad.
    And the first time I did cardio kickboxing, I fell through a wall. I have not done it since.
    Also, I partially dislocated my shoulder doing yoga. That was pretty shocking to the teacher, as the position didn't require anything with the arms or putting weight on the arms or stress on the shoulders.

  6. nothing major During a three-legged race, my partner fell on me whilst my ankle was not in a favorable position. I think I was in third grade. A very burly fifth grade teacher had to carry me in to the nurse's office; I couldn't even hop along over there. It was just a bad sprain.
    I've definitely had worse injuries that did not occur from athletic activity. I messed up my ankle wearing stupid shoes while I was training for my half marathon this winter, and I had to run for two weeks with my foot so inflexible, whenever I ran up anything with a hint of an incline, I would stop and cry.

  7. Torn ACL and MCL Soccer and Volleyball
    Hence why I'm here now... haha!

  8. My worst injury was tearing a tendon in my knee doing the long jump in gym class in high school.
    Does it count if I injured someone else during an athletic activity?? My brother (at age 7) and I (at age 6) were riding bikes in the park. We were racing and he was just starting to pull ahead of me, so I pushed him. He fell to the side and broke his arm. It's been 20 years and he still doesn't let me forget it.

  9. LOL - I ran over my brother when I was riding a bike. Poor guy, he was just walking down the road.

  10. broke my knee playing kickball at 12 or 13.
    was still on crutches when school started -
    and my school had 4 stories, no elevators, 6 periods a day. i spent most of the first part of that semester hopping up and down stairs instead of being in class.

  11. athletic injury um...I don't know...maybe my trampoline incident and breaking my thumb.

  12. Toe dislocation/fracture in intramural soccer (not wearing cleats, bad idea)
    I've been lurking for a little over 2 weeks, but am still not ready to officially come out of hiding, I just like talking about my brutal toe injury, which still hurts after half a year! :P

  13. yikes! that sounds painful
    happy delurking!

  14. hap ... py partial delurking on the down-low :)

  15. happy unofficial delurking

  16. thanks y'all! I'll probably reveal more of myself as time goes on. LOVE the forum, am completely addicted... it really helps me keep motivated. Thanks again!

  17. Here we go... I think I'll start with skiing. I was about 15 and not a good skier. It was up in Pennsylvania and it was warming up during the day to about 40 and then at night when the temps dropped the slopes would freeze over. So just about my last run of the night I decided to try a harder slope. Didn't know about the slopes freezing over, again not a good skier. And to make it worse, PA is known for it's chalets placements...at the bottom of the hills. So just in case you can't see where this is going, I couldn't stop due to the ice, I was going very fast due to the ice, and I didn't want to fall and break a leg on ice, so I ran face first into the building. I broke my nose in 3 different places, sprained my wrist, needed surgery on the nose. This was the worst at the time, it doesn't bother me now. The worst overall was the knee injuries because 19 years later and they still affect me. But I'm not even getting into the many other injuries.

  18. Stress fracture in my heel, sophomore year of high school. My cross country coach at the time kept telling me to "just put some ice on it" and I ended up running 3 races on it before getting it looked at. I was out the rest of the season.

  19. More from recreational than athletic activity My only athletic activity is running, and from that I've had overworked knees, blisters and dehydration
    From recreational activity, though, I had my first sutures - a front wheel fractured on my bike when I was a teenager, sending me over the handlebars and puncturing a leg.
    A car accident produced my first surgery, on a knee.
    The most crippling incidents came from agricultural work and volunteer home rebuilding...two back injuries.
    Geeze, reading this, I don't seem as lucky as I usually claim to be!

  20. This thread is useless w/o pictures!

  21. head lac and (still present) hematoma I was thrown from a horse and ended up underneath a VW Rabbit.Lots of stitches and half a shaved head .
    Even though it was over 25 years ago, I still have the significant hematoma on my L hip (though now it is more fibrous than "hema").

  22. Oh my! How awful! I was on a horse in the mountains in CO quite a while back and a horrible storm came rolling through. My horse was terrified of the lightening and thunder he was going crazy. He ended up running my into a low tree and I suffered horrible cuts on my face and arms (no scars or permanent damage though). Then the challenge was going back down the mountain after the storm. It was sooo steep and muddy, I was bleeding all over and balling like crazy.
    I know this incident shouldn't ruin any future encounters with horses, but I have to say I freaked out a little when my daughter rode a pony at the local fair 2 years ago.

  23. Tore MCL in Right Knee... my soph year in high school. We were practicing 2 days b4 the season started, and one of our linemen fell on the outside of my right knee, causing it to bend to the inside. Out for the season :(

  24. I guess the one that sucked the most was the three broken ribs during jiu jitsu. Some clumsy oaf crashed down on me and slid off my rib cage and there was an audible "pop pop pop" slick and wet sounds... gross.
    Anyway, the next 6 weeks were hell. Little things like bowel movements, bathing, dressing yourself, breathing, sneezing (god forbid) and yeah... moving in general... were like acts of torture.

  25. broke both of my wrists at the same time after running into someone on my bike. That person ran into someone and her bike swung right in front of my. I went over my handlebars and tried to catch myself with my hands instinctively--they both broke... The fun part is trying to get off the hot road because there is a car coming when you can't use your arms to push yourself up.

  26. Dislocated both knees. At different times. Torn ACL in my left knee was probably the worst. Although I did tear cartilege in my right knee. Physical Therapy is brutal!
    I completely skinned my entire left thigh rollerblading. That was *fun*. I passed out at the pharmacy from the pain trying to get more bandages and stuff.

  27. Mmm, yeah I was run over by a car a couple years back. It was drinking related and not activity related, but I skinned up both of my arms. That is some serious pain! Especially trying to remove clothing that is laying overtop the open wound... ouch!

  28. hit by a car while walking.. broken shoulder, broken skull, pulmonary contusion, leg contusion/nerve damage/muscle tears, brain hemorrhage, and various lacerations and bruising.

  29. Holy crapass. You win. It sounds like a 'thankful I'm alive' type scenario. Jeeez.

  30. ha, thankful for that and for morphine

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