Poll: Your personal sneak attack!

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  1. I am proud of: I haven't started "sneaking" stuff in YET, but:
    How much spinach I eat at dinner time. I make myself eat my salad FIRST then I will eat my dinner- it prevents me from eating too much of that or having seconds. I really rethink how much I am putting on my plate then!
    I keep looking at the little bags of ground flaxseed at the grocery store each week, I think adding that to my Kashi/yogurt/rasp bfast thingy will be good?

  2. Also I am noticing how much choose "power foods" out of natural habit now and gravitate towards them.
    I love cottage cheese, green tea, spinach, peanut butter, almonds, beans, eggs! I really like finding ways to incorporate them into meals- so I am working on the "sneaky" thing! hahaha

  3. if you can get whole and grind em yourself that way they last longer
    if ground theyll spoil

  4. How do you suggest grinding them? A friend gave me a HUGE container of whole seeds!

  5. I grind mine in my magic bullet... but you could use a food processor if you have one i'm sure. Or a pestal/mortar thing if your into that, would probably work.

  6. My housemate Loves the MB!
    I'll have to sneak attack her equipment!

  7. coffee grinder or a blender or hand chop
    i dont recommend it unless u want to replace the chopping for a cardio exercise
    in the blender its a fairly coarse grind but it should work out just aswell

  8. and if u do it by hand ull have lil flax seeds everywhere forever

  9. I don't want that... however.. I won't be in this house forever... haha!

  10. flax seeds either chew on a few whole or add ground to a salad or some cottage cheese

  11. Oh yeah, my secret freezer stash I used to work on a cruise ship, and our breakfast was whatever we could throw together in the galley at 4:00am, so I usually ended up just eating a carton of yogurt and a handful of whatever fresh fruit was around. But I kept getting hungry just an hour or two after I'd eat.
    Finally, one of the pastry chefs pulled me aside and showed me how to make what she called "Her killer a.m. parfait". She layered vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries, and ground flax seed. Layer and repeat. Then she'd top it with a handful of crushed pecans, and voila!
    I made that for breakfast every single day for the rest of my career there, and to this day, ALWAYS have a bag of ground flax seed in my freezer. I add it to everything. I love the nuttiness and the texture it gives stuff. I had it in my oatmeal this morning, as a matter of fact. :D

  12. LOLOLOL---how is it possible that all three responders so far have listed Flax seed as their secret sneak? *Laugh* That's hilarious

  13. lol no idea but ive been thinking of making some granola at home with flax seeds walnuts and almonds need the walnuts and almonds though

  14. I was going to use flax for mine too I grind it up and it put in all kinds of things, smoothies, baked goods, pancakes, oatmeal. Whatev.

  15. i was going to say flax too :)

  16. any fruits Ive never been a big fruit eater...
    but now I tend to incorporate them into my meals whenever I can. I love spinach salads with either mandarin oranges or strawberries! mmm :)
    and my new thing with frozen fruit. I make it my dessert and I feel like Im eating ice cream or popsicles

  17. I do this with frozen strawberries... I used to ALWAYS eat icecream at night while hanging out and watching tv. Now that I no longer eat ice cream I just go to town on a bunch of frozen strawberries. I like to let them thaw for like...5 minutes. They arent too hard but not too soft and I think they taste sweeter if you let them sit out for a few minutes.

  18. frozen strawberries are my fav right now I just run them under warm water for a few seconds and then pat dry. I eat them slowly because they are so cold :) I look forward to it now!! so crazy! I eat small dinners now... just dont have the big appetite at night anymore... but I do like having my fruit.

  19. mmm I really need to get back into the frozen fruit/whey protein smoothie thing!

  20. agreed. I need to go buy thing of soy protein so I can start having a smoothie after working out. Or should it be before? Did we ever come up with an answer to that question?

  21. both i think

  22. what im reading now says.... 3-4:1 crabs to protein pre/during exercise and post exercise.
    pre/during about : 20-26 g carbs, 5-6 g protein
    post: 40-50 g carbs, 13-15 g protein.
    but that's just the carbs+protein. lots of other recommendations on what to include....
    -nutrient timing-
    it's been a great read so far and definitely something i'll want to incorporate ideas/knowledge from. so far, highly recommended by nghn

  23. well I dont eat crab...soo.... lol jk. Anyway so what do you think I should have on my way home from working out. Something transportable that can give me the carb to protein ratio?

  24. lol. oops :) the easiest (imo) answer is always going to be a shake. you can find shakes that are specifically designed for workout ratios (for example, high carb + whey protein). or you can get a protein power and add carbs (dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin- things you would probably avoid any time except near your workout).
    otherwise, lean protein + high GI carb (like a potato). i find it hard to make solids convenient though.
    it's really a matter of what you prefer to do and how it fits into your goals and lifestyle.

  25. We got the Costco Premeire Protein shakes... ...and they are awesome~ 160 cals, only 30 from fat. 5 g carbs (pretty low), 3 g fiber, and 30 g protein!!!
    They also have only 1 g of sugar!

  26. except you want HIGH carbs around a workout.....

  27. hey nghn - could you be more specific about what kind of carbs you are talking about?
    I generally snack on turkey and cheese after workouts. Not ideal, I know, but my body feels good after eating it. What type of carbs would you suggest including?

  28. hmmm..... I suppose I could do a shake. But I have to be very careful with any high-glycemic type carbs. They tend to set off cravings in me for junk food.

  29. I have a new thing... I sip it in between sets of resistance bands or kettle bell exercises!

  30. thats a good idea... but I dont think I can really do that during thai boxing. I can just imagine my instructors face "Everyone freestyle on the bags" "WAIT...I have to drink my smoothie!!" lol i've thought about taking my magic bullet to the gym though because it takes me a half hour to get home and I would rather have it right after I get done.

  31. Doesn't Chick=Pea say that she just eats a mouthful of powder at the gym?!
    Now that's intense! haha!

  32. yea no kidding! She is intense lol. I dont know if I could handle the dry chalkiness of the powder.

  33. I can imagine myself choking on it after a workout!
    I guess if you drink water with it.. it's the same as drinking it mixed with water anyway!
    Maybe the thought of the texture gets me too!

  34. ha.

  35. dont make it smoothie thick. if it's thinner you can drink it faster. you must get water breaks. just drink your shake instead of (or in addition to) water.
    even if it's just some shake every 10-15 minutes it should help, in theory. the benefits of nutrition during actual exercised are being more recognized all the time. out coaches always used to have snacks on hand when we were on training trips. all ya had to do was ask and poof- a granola bar magically appeared.

  36. Better idea... We do get water breaks so perhaps i'll just bring a premixed shake and do like you said.

  37. You could just throw a scoop or two into a bottle of water and shake.
    Boom! No big breaks to mix a smoothie!

  38. Mmm, frozen fruit w/yogurt.... is the best! We get the frozen berries mix from Costco and mix with some light yoplait, then let it sit for 15, then kinda mash it up a little and it's DELISH! I can't eat that much b/c my teeth are still to sensitive (I had work done recently), but my FH LOVES it! It has def. replaced ice cream in our home! :)

  39. Jalapeños OR just hot peppers in general. They are yummy but give just enough kick that I eat slower.

  40. mmmmm i like em raw just stay away from habeneros
    and if you touch em dont touch your nose or eyes or ull be in trouble for a few mins

  41. When a recipe calls for "green pepper" it has a very different meaning for me. Oh I will add the traditional green pepper but in goes a jalapeno or two as well.

  42. I loooove jalapenos! I eat them all the time. I have to buy in bulk! I love the flavor ... plus it makes me drink more water :) kill two birds with one stone!!

  43. cilantro I can't get enough of it. I put it in salads, wraps, quesadillas...

  44. Salads with cilantro instead of lettuce

  45. my salads have mixed greens AND cilantro. Good stuff.

  46. 2nd the cilantro and jalepenos I put them on everything, also I adore green onions.

  47. spinach

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