Question for difo

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  1. you eventually get used to foods that

  2. I don't count.

  3. i get crazy about it

  4. I would

  5. I don't count

  6. i should trust myself

  7. It is not all or nothing

  8. Christ this took forever for me to realize.

  9. measure instead of count

  10. betafish's suggestion might be

  11. That's an important point, it's not a diet,

  12. I pretty much count as I grocery shop.

  13. Yes. I saw bacon wrapped turkey mignon at

  14. Exactly. You have to enjoy the food to stay on

  15. I don't count at all. Find foods you like.

  16. Thanks everyone

  17. I was a raw-foods vegan...

  18. I don't count calories

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