Road Trip/Camping Snacks

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  1. Indivually packed pickles (lots of salt though) little baggies o' kashi go lean crunch
    durable fruits
    oh! at fleet farm they have freeze-dried whole, unsweetened strawberries in the camping department. They are fantastic!

  2. tks! I don't know what fleet farm is, and the whole idea of freeze dried strawberries kind of irks me a little. But I like the other ideas!

  3. I live in farm country in WI So fleet farm is like a walmart to us- you can get animal feed, horse tack, bulk candy, steel toe shoes... all sorts of goodies. Even though I live in town, most of the land in the area is dedicated to farming

  4. what abt dried fruit with no sugar added

  5. you can do like a homemade trail mix yum! with granola, multi grain pretzels, dark choc covered almonds, dried sf fruit (craisins or strawberries would work really well), walnuts and whatever else you like

  6. yum! You guys are awesome!

  7. make some homemade granola yum!

  8. oh yah I will definitely make home made granola. and then I'll try not to eat it all in one sitting!!!!

  9. Mmm! That sounds good! Do you have a recipe for it?

  10. there's one on the iron difo blog. If you do a forum search it'll show you a link!

  11. Thanks! :)

  12. Here's a few... -Trail mix
    -100 Calorie packs
    -Granola bars
    -Beef jerky

  13. people at work find me odd for doing so which I understand completely, but I munch on tomatoes and bell peppers like they are apples. just need a little extra paper towel for the tomatoes. Anyway, bell peppers don't need refrigeration (really, they don't) for just a day or two. I also think an avocado split in half can be a decadent treat. I assume you are bringing some sort of knife on this trip? just cut it in half and split w/ your bf. bring a little salt and pep, and it's devine!
    Other good foods to have on hand are all the yummy seasonal fruits and veggies, berries, fresh corn, peaches, nectarines, plums, etc. etc. while out camping, bring some tin foil to wrap up some sweet potatoes to throw in the fire too - decadent!! oh yum... okay, now I'm making myself really hungry. well, have a great time!

  14. excellent ideas! i will def try the sweet potato technique next time i go. i never even thought of that, but sounds so easy (and obvious!).

  15. oh yeah we did them for years with regular white potatoes, but last year I made some sweet potatoes. super simple... I also bring some olive oil in my camping box so I use a little of that on the outside, honestly don't think it's very necessary though. oh man, I want to go camping now, just for the food!

  16. Thanks! I never thought of avacado...I thought it needed to be in the fridge? no?

  17. oh no! avocados are best stored on the counter. if you get a slightly too hard avocado you hope to eat soon, put it in a brown paper bag for the day and it will ripen up slightly faster. otherwise, just out on the counter is best. if it's cut open, then yeah, its best to go in the fridge. funny... in my house they never seem to make it that far. ha!

  18. good to know wonder why I didn't know that.
    avacados are definitely coming with me!!!!

  19. glad you mentioned fresh fruit and veggies; I like to take turkey jerky with me on road trips, too. I sometimes take soynuts. You can also take crackers and canned tuna or sardines.
    Have fun.

  20. Roasted chick peas

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