Soy, yes soy again...

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  1. If I eat too much tofu, I get sharp (I'm talking take my breath away) pains in my left breast.

  2. wow really? Ive never heard of this...

  3. yes it is bizarre. It does not happen if I have a little once every few weeks but I cannot eat it several times a week that is for sure. err.

  4. wow... Soy allergy?

  5. That sounds like an allergy symptom. Soy is one of the most common protein allergies. And it doesn't get better, it gets worse. First it's only if you eat too much, or if you eat it by itself. Symptoms get worse with age and, in my case, expanded to include all legumes. (I'd always had a peanut allergy). Benadryl will help, but I'd suggest switching to hemp protein.

  6. agree that it is most likely a food allergy.

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