Suggestions: Finding ways to move more!

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  1. #8 lie on the floor and do leg lifts while you watch tv. That's what I do
    #9 Leg lifts while doing dishes
    #10 Side bends or squats when picking things up
    off the floor.

  2. Brilliant! I'll try these!

  3. levitation that's impressive! i CANNOT pee and "levitate" i just can't get the right muscles to relax. this was quite the issue when i lived in thailand for 3 months... all the bathrooms are "squatty pottys" aka holes in the ground. at least then you can just do a full squat!
    but good for you! way to multi-task

  4. I know what you mean... squatty potties! I worked in some remote villages in Inda for awhile, and had to learn this technique...
    Levitate was the only way I could think how to delicately put it... ;-)

  5. LOL, I'd probably pee all over myself if I tried that!

  6. i can't lie... you get the occasional "miss" on your pants. then you learn exaclty where you place your feet, how to tuck your pants right, the correct angle... it's quite a skill.
    worst part, most bathroom have neither toilet paper or soap. you ALWAYS must carry tissues and hand sanitizer.
    some things about thailaind i def dont miss :P

  7. The trick I use with our Western Toilets is put the liner on, squat, use your hands to lift you up, once the stream begins, take your hands off and LEVITATE!! Ta-da!
    Was that TMI? If so, please excuse me! ;-)

  8. not too much at all for me at least :) funny when someone else understand what its like!

  9. I call it the hover method and i use it to as often as possible. I kind of have quads of steel now. :-)

  10. Perfect!! I'm going to use that term fr/ now on

  11. there was a study that it is bad for you it actually doesn't allow things to flow as well when you are leaning over and engaging other muscles and it can lead to bladder problems.
    Don't get me wrong except at home I hover in all bathrooms but I'll try to find the article about how it isn't good for you.

  12. #11 contract your abs when standing in lines or while walking.

  13. I do this. I alternate butt and ab clenches for a certain period of time.

  14. me too, to a slow count of 10, I should probably up the count though because 10 is nothing to me anymore.

  15. Fidget whenever possible When driving, do isometric exercises at stop lights.
    When shopping at a big box store, do a lap or two of the perimeter of the store before buying something.
    Do the eight minute workout I posted earlier.
    Don't use a grocery cart, carry bags and fill them up as you go. This doubles as weigh lifting.
    Sing whenever you can; works out the lungs and improves breathing and mood.
    When dining with friends, park at least six blocks away and walk to work up an appetite.
    Keep running shoes in the car so that you can put them on to sneak in an extra ten minutes of walking. Better yet, use the car less, and do some of your errands on foot or with a bicycle. Sackatomatoes is a bikable/walkable town, except in high summer.

  16. Get a balance ball Sit on that when watching TV. It may not get you moving, but it will get your core working to keep you on top of it and that's really important.
    I actually developed a little routine that I do on my ball which includes squats, lunges, etc. That way I can sit on the ball and be a bit of a lump but I'm still working out. :)

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