Those rubber things...

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  1. never heard of it but if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. most of those "quick fix" type things are totally BS.

  2. save your money... if you really want to wrap something around it with saran wrap. Not saying it will work, but basically the same effect.

  3. Case Study I agree!
    My arm's regularly wrapped with saran wrap.
    It sweats, it bleeds out, and it fills up with colored plasma (so as not to ruin my sheets). I don't do it THAT often, but way more than my other arm and it lets out a lot of yuckiness!
    Result? Well... It's probably just as nasty as wrapping your "belly" and it's still the same size as my other arm!
    Case closed.

  4. lol thnx for the case study!
    what kind of plasma...yuck??
    what do u mean plasma???

  5. DH used to wrap for his weigh-ins with the Army.
    His sergeant used to recommend coating their waist in a layer of preparation H, then wrapping in seran wrap. It doesn't REMOVE the fat, but it will supposedly temporarily dehydrate the cells and make the area visibly smaller. Just long enough for and afternoon of measuring.
    Now, I have no idea if this actually works, even only temporarily, but it sounds insane to me. I can't even figure out HOW it would work, but DH swears by it. He says it got him through some close calls when he needed to be under a particular measurement for certain drills.
    *shrug* Just my two cents.

  6. Some of the guys at my gym... got it into their heads that putting albolene on their excess fat will make it go away. Me and the hubs just roll our eyes everytime we see someone doing it. I just want to scream at them...THIS WILL NOT GET RID OF YOUR FAT!! TRY GIVING UP THE PIZZA!

  7. LoL!! Isn't Albolene, like...a moisturizer? LoL! At least they'd have silky smooth abs.
    Yeah, DH used to say that he'd be able to "lose" a few inches doing the wrap, as long as he did it the night before the measuring. It would only last about 6 hours, but long enough for a drill sergeant to wrap a tape around him and approve him for whatever they were doing.
    He said he'd wake up in the middle of the night, wrapped up like a sausage and the bed would be soaked in sweat. Thank god he did this in texas, where I didn't have to be party to it. So maybe there's some merit to the dehydration-shrinkage thing, but...jeez.
    Not worth it for most people, I'd imagine.

  8. Its a makeup remover lol Im sure their skin looks great!
    I tried wrapping my stomach in the saran wrap when I was in HS and thought I was "fat". It was SO uncomfortable that I took it off after half an hour in bed. lol I dont know how your DH could manage really sleeping in it! Horrible.

  9. I don't know how he managed to do a lot of things.
    He's certainly got some kind of crazy discipline that I'll never understand.

  10. Oops! I get a lot of tattoo work done.. On my right arm, often, for the time being.
    Lots of grossness involved!

  11. Total BS You don't "sweat fat out", you have to "burn it off". If losing fat was as easy as just sweating if off, then suana's would be banking right now. The way you lose fat is by shrinking your fat cells. All sweating is going to do is make you lose water (along w/ sodium, magnesium, and potassium-your electrolytes). Fat doesn't get out. Have you seen what fat looks like? If fat got out, you would be ooaing yellow crap out of your body. It wouldn't look very pleasant.
    It is the same w/ those belts that you supposedly can wrap around your waist or arm and they cause your muscle to contract, they claim you can build muscle that way. Look, if flexing or "contracting" your muscle repeatedly was how you built muscle, then all you would have to do continually flex your muscles for a few hours each day and you would look like Mr./Ms. Olympia. But there is a reason professional bodybuilders, athletes, and powerlifters, spend several hours in the gym everyday, bc it is the only way to build a great phsyique.

  12. save your money -- nothing spot reduces

  13. You mean water weight? Put it this way. I have a wrap around my knee for stability when I am working out. tumbling, kicking and such. I have not lost any "fat" in that area. It can be bulky and uncomfortable at times though. If I had something similar around my waist, it would be bulky and uncomfortable but would not make me lose any fat there either. Make sense?

  14. ha!! sorry... saw this photo... I don't think it's going to work :)

  15. ok i guess i wont get it!~
    i just thought it would be good to wear while i do my workout.
    i guess i will spend that $ on some ankle weights to wear while cleaning the house and working out?
    sound better????

  16. yes.

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