Thoughts about not wanting to exercise?

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  1. I think it is a law of physics. Inertia.
    It works for exercise as well as planets.
    "A body in motion tends to remain in motion, a body at rest tends to remain at rest."

  2. -5 for that, huh? I guess someone doesn't like physics. :-)

  3. Here's what you do Make it non-negotiable.
    Don't even start the conversation with yourself about whether or not you will go to the gym.
    You know the one you have where the whiney you says "But I don't want to go..." and the sensible you cajoles with "But you'll feel better afterwards..." and then the whiney you answers "blah, blah, blah.. I want to sit on the couch and veg" and then maybe you start trying to bribe yourself with "You can do :::XYZ::: if you go to the gym".. and then the whiney you sort of reluctantly agrees to go....
    That conversation.
    Don't have it.
    Break that cycle.
    JUST DO IT for a couple of weeks without thinking about it and I'll bet that you'll stop the negative thoughts about it beforehand.
    Think of it as what you do at that time of day.
    No big deal.

  4. I used to exercise first thing in the morning--get out of bed, jump into exercise clothes, grab keys and run out of the house. Run around the block a couple times, come back, lock up, shower, dress and breakfast. That way, you don't have time to think. You just do it, it is done, on with the day.
    That worked until I started having trouble sleeping, something that happens when you get older. I feel so disoriented when I get up in the morning that I have to methodically and carefully do things till I shake off the groggies. I just don't run in the morning anymore. Still, it could work for people who wake up ready to go.

  5. groggy in the morning? Hi there, just thought I would respond to your post about having trouble getting up in the morning, being groggy, etc. It sounds like you contributed it to age, but it may be a medical reason, such as sleep apnea. Maybe you should mention it to your doctor, or look into a sleep study. Just a suggestion!
    Good luck!

  6. Thanks. I don't have sleep apnea, just trouble falling asleep and therefore not enough hours of sleep. I am working on it. My doc thinks it has to do with age, my parents also began to have this trouble as they grew older. Dr. Oz & Dr. Roisen mentioned that this is a common problem with aging, lack of sleep.

  7. Struggling I totally feel the same way! Only my problem is lately I convince myself that im to tired to go even though i know i wont be when i leave the gym. Its so hard! You have any tips?

  8. I usually try to remind myself that I like to go but as other people answered, probably it is better not to have the conversation at all and just go.

  9. Stop making it such a big deal in your life You are the one that is making it hard for yourself.
    Make the decision ONCE about what your exercise plan is and then DO IT.
    Stop expecting The Motivation Fairy to come by and work her magic on you every day. It's not going to happen.
    Take control of your thoughts and CHANGE them.

  10. Motivation follows action; it rarely precedes it. That is some odd fact of human nature. Use it to force yourself to feel good.

  11. I really like this train of thought, thanks!

  12. Normal. but as El said, make it non-negotiable, don't start the convo, just go.
    I'm going to start getting up 45 mins earlier and going for a 30 min run in the am. Non-negotiable...

  13. Thanks for your replies! I think not having the conversation is a good idea. And I like the law of physics idea too. :)
    I probably should have put this in my first post, but sometimes I wonder if not wanting to go is related to not wanting to take care of myself. Like, with eating too much or eating foods that I know aren't good for me. Or maybe it is just that in the moment sitting on the couch rather than going to the gym feels like taking care of myself, just like in the moment eating too much can feel good...

  14. He he... Sometimes its funny how I enter the gym. I can have a mental conversation with myself and come up with a thousand different reasons why it would be okay for me to not go into the gym that day. And unless if my excuse is that I have not had a workout day off in five or more days, the whole conversation is usually done
    I am getting ready to do my workout and sometimes up to about five minutes into the workout.

  15. Yes- Daily - I never want to go to the gym (for me it is the pool )
    I always feel it is a real chore BUT as sooon as Im thee and swimming and feel the benefits the following morning IM thriled that I have treated myself well

  16. I feel the same way. Once I get to the gym, I don't want to leave. I found it's easier to try to set up a time that I have no other alternatives but to go work out. Go workout right after get out of work. I know once I get home, I will find excuses not to go.

  17. I try to convince myself not to go sometimes I DO convince myself that staying home is a better option. However, I actually only spend maybe 2 nights a week at the gym. the rest of the week I'm riding my bike, hiking, kickboxing or other random activities. I look forward to my activities, its the gym I need to force myself to go to.

  18. never ending I hate going to the gym, I dont like working out that way. ie I would rather get physical in everyday activity, not actually go somewhere to get physical....sigh. But I need to work out more I bought a 3 yr membership to get my butt in I am 2 months later and still hating/talking my self out of the gym : (

  19. Sure, I feel that way often enough I've only been going for a couple of months. Long enough to know I really like it once I'm there, and long enough to see a glimmer of results.
    I use two techniques to get there without arguing with myself. The first is to go really early - like 5:30 a.m. Gym bag is always packed and ready. At that time of the morning, I'm on autopilot. I'm pulling into the parking lot before my mind is active enough to start a convo re: it.
    Second technique is to go directly from work. Once I'm home, there's always a million other things I want to do. It's just so much easier to make a rule to go to work -> gym -> home.
    Now, I know it's working, since one day last week, I went to the gym directly from work. When I picked up my card that tracks my exercise re: machines & weight, I found out I had been there that morning! Duh . . . Guess the autopilot is really kicking in. Since I was there, I decided to stay. Swam laps and then hung out in the sauna for a while.

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