Time for the next drop

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  1. recently read this in 'You, the Owner's Manual' by Doctors Oz and Roizen. "If you have a little fat before your meal, you'll prevent your stomach from emptying quickly. Eat about seventy calories in the form of healthy monounsaturated fats. That's about 6 walnuts, twelve cashews or twenty peanuts. If you have tea and unbuttered toast in the morning, your stomach empties in about 20 to 30 minutes...But if you spread some peanut butter or apple butter on your toast, it takes about three and a half hours for the toast to leave your stomach."
    I thought that was a pretty good tip.

  2. Hey Bells, can you give any other good tips from the You book? Yet another I'm thinking about picking up. Worth it?

  3. nothing else comes to mind. I would recommend you browse through it and decide. The basic premise of the book is the RealAge concept that they've coined, i.e. "the system that shows you how large an effect the choices you make can have on making yourself younger or accelerating your aging." Some of it is pretty basic, some of it is quite interesting. Sometimes the authors' sense of humor gets on my nerves. I guess it would depend what you are looking for in the way of information.

  4. PB toast a staple workout food for me. I eat it for breakfast, post workout, even if I am having a craving I want to kill (think salty and crispy). It fills me up and sticks in there for a while.

  5. Excellent Thank you for that tip.

  6. How many calories do you average per day? Make sure the calories of the extra fruit doesn't cancel out the calories from the "one bad meal" or you won't see results.
    What is your exercise routine like?

  7. Not sure about calories I have a fiber one yogurt and a glass of milk for breakfast, two apples and two cups of grapes throughout the day. I throw in Kelloggs fiber and fiber/protein drinks, and a fiber bar or two. This is the first day I'm doing it...so we'll see how I feel in a couple of hours.
    My exercise is 21 minutes on the elyptical, 6 minutes on the hand bike, 8 minutes on the vertical bike, then I do muscle work outs for either chest, back and shoulders, or arms, or legs. I don't lift for bulk, I lift for endurance.

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