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  1. There are lots of sites to choose from I like sparkpeople because I like the calorie calculator. I don't think the calorie out is very accurate on any of them though because how many calories you burn during exercise depends on how hard you work out as well as what you weigh.

  2. I am willing to buy a full version of any software if it meets all my expectations. Not interested in a basic free on-line calorie counter. FYI - Balancelog does track exercise fairly well.
    Walking as an example: choose treadmill, 3mph for 45 min = 220 calories burned. The program will then note the calories burned in the daily log and *subtract* the calories off your daily caloric limit.

  3. just use balancelog since you like it so much

  4. Fitday... Makes a software program that is out of this world. I bought it a few years ago and have just started using it again. It tracks your body measurements, weight, mood, EVERYTHING and is really simple to use. MUCH better than the online version and I think I only paid about $20 for it.
    I wish you the best in finding a program that works for you! :-)

  5. I really like CalorieCount at
    They do graphs, nutrition break-downs, logs of in-and-out... and it's free!

  6. Thx, I'll chk it out.

  7. Nutritionist Pro by First Data Bank It is wonderful, makes all your requirements and more. If you live near a college that has a nutrition/dietetics program for registered dietitians, you could probably find used software for cheap. I don't know how much it costs now but I got my version a few years ago for around $300 but it was for professional use. I like the company, too. They are very helpful with questions and if you need tech support.

  8. I like It's free and I'm a cheapskate! ;-)

  9. I'll check those out, too. Thx.

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