Weight loss and gas

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  1. cauliflower does me in

  2. fiber will do that to you often drinking lots of water helps but not always.

  3. thanks

  4. don't light a match

  5. green veggies i know when someone eats alot of green veggies it will give you gas.

  6. Weight loss can cause gall stones Have you been having a lot of pain in your upper stomach & bloating. You may want to see your DR. Gall stones also cause gas.

  7. I feel fine and have been exercising like a hamster on a wheel so hopefully i don't have gall stones. i made a shake consisting of celery, canteloupe and canteloupe rind and feel that may be the cause. i hope it goes away.

  8. canteloupe rind? you eat the rind? why?

  9. i read that it has lots of vitamins, nutrients It was ok, but i probably won't do it again. i actually blended the rind into a drink.

  10. Yup. For some of us, that's how our systems process these wonderful veggies, beans & fiber. At least mine does. Fortunately it doesn't smell. But it has become one of those "learn to live with it" kind of things.
    I haven't tried beano or one of the other possible solutions because a: it doesn't bother me that much, and b: I'm all for getting off of pills, not adding another one.
    Oh, yeah, and what's with the canteloupe rinds? I've heard of pickled watermelon rind, but blended canteloupe rind????

  11. I tried the rind for the heck of it.

  12. Lol - another excuse to post this funny pic

  13. Monitor the frequency and what you eat Most likely it is your healthy diet. However, if nothing has changed about the way you eat and you just suddenly started having gas, it could potentially be a sign of something else. It's probably nothing to worry about.
    I just want to add this as a "just in case" that my dad (overweight but eats well and exercises) started having problems with belching and indigestion - he had tried all sorts of things from acid pills to probiotics. In the end, he started to get the sweats after eating. Turned out he had a blocked artery and THAT particular one can cause the side effects he was experiencing.

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