weight watchers low point choices?

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  1. They have a site Weightwatchers.com with forums all about recipes and things. That would probably be your best bet, not to put you off or anything. I like their zero point soup and really I had the best success loading up on fruits and veggies. I think the one pitfall to try and avoid with weightwatchers is loading up on low calorie foods that are very processed and full of chemicals to make them that way. You'd still lose weight eating these foods, but I strongly recommend using the program to veer you towards natural and healthy high vitamin high fiber foods. In addition to being healther, I think it's more conducive to long term weight maintenance because you'll look AND feel so much better. That's my two cents and then some. And good luck!

  2. i agree.. i totally stay away from weight watcher foods that are sold package b/c it is full of unnatural stuff.
    I keep to my points by focusing on high fiber foods. I use eggbeaters and tons of veggies and always buy high fiber whole wheat breads, esp. once that come smaller in size like english muffins or pitas.
    try www.dwlz.com. it is a weight watchers haven. She has points value for every food on earth.

  3. Great Website A great website to check out of you are doing WW...
    Dottie's Weightloss Zone
    It has menus, low-point foods, recipes, forums, EVERYTHING.

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