What are your thoughts on this daily intake?

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  1. Seems a little low in cals... For a better idea what is your height, weight, and age?The other thing that is important, is what type of foods are you getting these numbers from? If you are getting that much fiber from that little of carbs, it looks pretty sound. IF you get 1g of fiber for every 5g of carbs, you are doing exceptionally well in eating the right type of carbs, but you are actually getting about 1g of fiber for every 3.5g carbs, which is superb. Curious about the rest of your diet, though.

  2. It is something I got off of inputing what I eat per day. I try to stick with a good carb/protien ratio and eat just a little bit about every few hours.

  3. I heard it is unsafe to go under 1200 calories

  4. what is your ratio? i can't do math without coffee.
    what are your height/weight/age/activity level stats?
    fwiw, i agree with everyone else. if your goal is weight loss, going down to that low amount of calories a day can backfire. it's also hard to all the micronutrients and phytonutrients in at that calorie level, the body stops responding to it in a positive way afterwhile, and eating that low calorie can result in depression, fatigue, and mood swings.
    from personal experience, no one wants their weight loss to come from muscle - they want it to come from fat. but a very low calorie diet puts the body in a position where it is burning whatever it can, and it isn't necessarily taking the fat first. once you start losing muscle, it is really hard to get it back.
    if the amounts you are eating and the timing thereof are working for you, it is fairly simple to boost your calorie intake back up to over 1200. a serving of nuts, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a quarter of an avocado, a hardboiled egg, a cup of milk - any 2 or 3 of those would do it and could be added to or taken with whatever else you are doing. if you have room for another snack or mini-meal, then banana with pb or toast with avocado or yogurt with fruit and a sprinkling of granola would do it. if you are eating a lot of "diet" or low fat items, changing your choice over to the high octane version would also probably give you that extra 200-300 calories back.

  5. agree. 924 calories is too low. I don't know your height or weight, but 1200 calories a day is usually considered the minimum necessary for proper metabolic function.

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