Whatcha discovering nowadays, DiFo?

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  1. My favorite new discovery is: I cooked up a batch over the weekend with diced apples, pumpkin pie spice, flaxseed meal and just a touch of brown sugar. OMG.

  2. i LOVE Red Mill's Scottish Porridge.
    They have great hot cereals.
    Yum!! Diced apples, that sounds good.

  3. Oh snap! I am allll over that! One of the things I miss making most is my homemade apple crisp & I think this will act as a good diet-friendly substitution! May even top with some light cool whip if I'm feelin' extra fancy on cheat night ;)

  4. I really love the consistency. Better than oatmeal, IMO.

  5. that sounds delicious!

  6. I love that stuff But, Fage is wayyyyy too expensive for me- at least in our area outside of Chicago here. The want $6.75 for one container!!!!!! Insane! So, I go to Trader Joe's for a 16 oz. container for $2.99! :)
    Last night I mixed in some chocolate protein powder for a "dessert".....ehhh after a few bites I wished I hadn't. i think I'll stick with the vanilla powder and walnuts in my greek yogurt, thank you very much!
    My newfound favorite: Roasted soy nuts (unsalted!) OMG, love em! And can someone help me out here with perhaps the most stupid question on here ever (other than if someone has tried the Wi Yu Tea diet, LOL!:
    Are these soynuts also considered edamame????? I feel so dumb for asking! I am not seeing anything labeled 'edamame' anywhere!!!!

  7. I don't think I've seen the Fage yogurt in the big tubs. But then, I've never looked. I buy the little 6oz cups for $1.69 apiece. I love Yogurt way too much to trust that I won't go back for more if I have a big tub sitting around. But with the little cups, it's immediate, automatic portion control, so I tend to prefer convenience over economy when it comes to yogurt. It's good stuff.
    No idea about the soynuts. Seems like they'd be the same thing...unless soynuts require a method of processing that changes them...I don't know.

  8. I've seen the tiny containers Those are what I wouldn't be able to resist! All of the yummy flavors like honey and nut! OMG! I guess I would buy those, but since I rely on the greek yogurt as a staple for my protein intake, I need a lot of it- I eat it at least once a day and at the cost for the tiny ones, I am better off buying the 2 serving container.
    ** BTW- I am totally afraid of cracking a tooth on those nuts, but they taste wayyyy too good. HAHA

  9. I tried the Honey flavored Greek Yogurt. Fage isn't Greek, but I know what you're talking about.
    I couldn't finish the Honey flavored one. It was pretty gross, and I love honey. There was just something really...off...about the flavor.

  10. Can you tell me Whats the difference between the Fage, Greek and regular yogurt?
    Like is the Fage higher or lower in a certain macro?
    If its worth it for me to switch for that, then I'll cough up the moolah for it!

  11. Yogurts, no matter what style, will always be different depending on Brand.
    Regular and Greek yogurt differ in the type of culture used.
    Fage Yogurt (the nonfat) has 0 fat, 90 calories, 15g protein, 7 carbs
    By the way, I stand corrected, Fage IS Greek. You're right. I missed that.
    Trader Joe's flavored Greek yogurts have an average of 120 calories, and the rest of the macros vary slightly. (I don't have it in front of me)
    Regular yogurt, like Yoplait, have HFCS in them. Dannon's Lite N Active does not, and at 60 calories a cup, it's calorically light, but I don't care for the flavor.

  12. Greek-style yogurts have higher protein content because they are strained, which I guess keeps the dense stuff while removing some of the carby filler.
    I believe most Greek-style yogurts are also lower in calcium than traditional yogurts for this same reason, but I could be wrong on that.

  13. GIRN- I made your mini meatloaf last night.. I used ground sirloin and fat free cream of mushroom soup. It was DELICIOUS! I added some red peppers and onion into the patties but other than that, i followed your recipe and it was so simple to make and so freakin' good.
    My bf loved it too. The second he came in, he was swooning over the smell of the meat cooking. I have leftovers I'm gonna be eating for lunch.
    Thanks again for sharing it!

  14. Awesome! Glad you both enjoyed it!
    It was so funny because the day after, my husband took some to work for leftovers, he texted me asking me to give the guy he works with the recipe because he thought it smelled and looked so good! :)
    I never even thought to adding anything to them........ I am gonna have to try that!

  15. Soy Nuts/Edamame Soy BEANS are edamame. They're little things that come in a pod that kind of resemble snow peas or snap peas. I get them at the chinese place near me and they steam them in salted water. Simple, easy, DELICIOUS and nutricious.

  16. Thank you! That clears things up for me a lot. Now, should I buy them fresh or frozen? Or how do you most commonly find them? I can't recall seeing these things in the produce department!

  17. thats not quite right... soy nuts are little crunchy balls. Im not sure how they are made or from what part of the soy. Edemame are actual soy beans, usually in the frozen section. You can buy the bod with the beans inside, or you can just buy the beans already removed from the pod.

  18. oh wait I misread... Duh. Your right soy beans and edemame are the same and delicious!

  19. fruit no seriously, I have discovered fruit. I normally stuck to apples and bananas. For yogurt I would have frozen blueberries, and for smoothies frozen strawberries.
    I am on week two of fresh peaches, fresh plums and fresh blueberries. I am fighting like the devil to cut out sweets. I think I *may* be winning. I told myself that I could munch on blueberries whenever I wanted if I didn't go for candy.
    And after lasts weeks converstaions about how bad snackwells cookies are, I rounded them up and gave them away. At first I said that I could finish them and just not buy them again, but I decided that if I was going to quit them I could do it now. I don't miss them!

  20. That's a huge leap! Congrats! Fruit is a great way to help kick that sugar habit. We always make sure we have lots of fruit options on hand at home.

  21. WTG!! Good for you!

  22. Good for you ditching the snackwells! Oh, and we're a bit blueberry obsessed in our house, too. I am going to be so sad when the season's over!
    FH also bought the juiciest peaches ever last night! I feel like such a kid eating one with juice dripping down my chin. Love that feeling :)

  23. Peaches right now are devine! I am eating one a day, and resisting the urge daily to clear our the rest of my bag of them!

  24. Well, that does it. I was debating on taking my son to the zoo, or taking him to the orchards to pick peaches. I think we'll go pick some peaches. :D

  25. Peaches I agree, I've been eating like two a day, I'm nuts about them.

  26. ditto, i am loving peaches this year. pears too.

  27. really love your peaches want to shake your treeeeeee eee ee.
    sorry, couldn't resist.

  28. Ohhh Steve Miller.... :) How I love thee!

  29. i heart that line it makes me smile everytime i hear it - even if i'm having a very bad, no good, rotten day.

  30. For me If I can hear ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" I am such a happy person!
    That song can always cheer me up, but yah, The Joker can always cheer me up too! :)

  31. Has anyone tried grilling their fruit? Uhhh one of my new favorite treats is grilled peaches!
    Halve them, wipe with olive oil, slap on the grill, dice up, 1/2 cup of low-fat/fat-free/low-sugar whatever ice cream you want, drizzle a little honey, dash of cinnamon.
    OMG. I would pay money for that in a restaurant!!!!!

  32. We've grilled pears. Yum.

  33. canned fava beans my brother made this great salad with favas. I asked for the recipe, and he said it's the recipe on the back of the can! (Progresso brand)

  34. Every time I hear fava beans I cant help but think about Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs:
    "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"

  35. thanks for sharing THAT! ugh.
    But I'm happy I can still call you Des :)

  36. Harvest Grains Blend. "A savory blend of Israeli style couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo Beans and red quinoa, it's hearty, healthy and absolutely delicious. It's ready in about 15 minutes and each serving has just 1 gram of fat."

  37. oh, btw...it's at TJs.

  38. Ooh, I bet that IS good

  39. LOL... we are eating that quite a bit too!

  40. Ooh, I'll have to look for this!

  41. um despite the high sodium I really love those tiny cans of marinated tuna. They seriously rock my socks for salads and there's enough flavor in them that I don't need dressing with my salad.

  42. You're also discovering that you can live without cheese, no?
    FH bought some light string cheese for me last week and I told him "Noooo. I was supposed to stop eating cheese with Amanda on Difo!" You shoulda seen the confusion on his face, haha.

  43. HAHAHA! awwww so have you stopped or have you decided against it?
    Yeah, I am doing pretty good without it. Although I have some serious cravings for things with cheese but no cheese in itself so I think I'll be alright.

  44. I've been eating the string cheese =/ but I promise to stop after that! Oh, and I am still sooo in on the Sept. no booze challenge!

  45. It's funny, after watching a Good Eats on tuna, we've started buying the packaged sealed tuna instead of the canned. I'm still not sure which I like better.
    But I've also started making tuna salad with avocado instead of mayo. Yum.

  46. tuna salad plus avocado.... that' sounds great! do you just throw the tuna in with avo or do you add anything else?
    i will definitely have to try this tomorrow...

  47. Just the two, really. I use about half an avocado with one package of tuna and just mush it all up and serve with a salad for lunch.

  48. mmm that sounds great

  49. marinated tuna? sounds yummy.. do you get them at a regular grocery store? what brand do you get? I always wished canned tuna would already come marinated.. didn't realize it was out there.

  50. I can't recall but yes, they are in all of the regular grocery stores I go to. And with the regular tuna selection.

  51. I've never seen the cans I'll have to look for them. I've had the single-serving foilpack marinated tuna filets. They're good to heat up with some veggies for a quick dinner or to throw on top of a salad.

  52. Single serving cheeses! Laughing Cow, light mozzerella, cheddar sticks... you name it!
    I have control issues when it comes to cheese. I LOVE IT!
    So these single serving cheeses are PERFECT for me!

  53. Southern greens I've been making southern style greesm every week and I love em!
    Last week I actually made some weird homemade chili/green hybrid and it was really good, not to mention insanely good for you! Talk about fiber and nutrient packed!

  54. yeah I read recently that swiss chard and other bitter greens are the most nutritious veggies.

  55. Kefir Youghurt Plain and low fat cultured milk.Its like a smoothie yoghurt so yummy.

  56. Friendship whipped 1% cottage cheese. Seriously yum...way better than regular cottage cheese. As an added bonus, it works really well as a spread, too.

  57. i've just discovered cream-style cottage cheese.
    it is addicting, for sure, and so very different than regular cottage cheese.

  58. I know It's so versatile! I've had it a lot lately. Last week I bought regular cottage cheese instead, and I'm not sure I like it anymore!

  59. i don't think they sell friendship in the midwest, but i've been intrigued.
    i did very happily buy cottage cheese at the farmer's market this weekend. it is not as whey-y or curd-y as supermarket cottage cheese, but it's still very good. it made me happy to find.

  60. yes they do! i'm a HUGE fan. it is actually the only cc i will eat. whole foods is the only place i've seen sell it in chicago.

  61. is it expensive? I happily paid $6 for a pound of cc at the farmer's market this weekend. It's from a dairy in Indiana. Supporting regional agriculture makes me happy, but after I got home and thought about how much I'd just spent per serving, I wondered if it was something I was going to be able to make a habit of.

  62. WF sells 16oz containers for about $2.39. The whipped is like $.20 more. I buy the 1% and love it.

  63. I've seen Friendship in whole foods in Chicago and at Jewel too, I think.

  64. Oh I LOVE greek yogurt too :) I eat some every day!!
    I recently discovered I like popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast and a little bit of salt.

  65. OT: Where do you grocery shop? You're in Chicago, right? I'm kind of a grocery store freak, but you always seem to find the next vegetarian thing before I've ever heard of it. I've heard of nutritional yeast and have looked for it before - not very hard, but still, I thought I would have just run in to it by now, but I haven't.

  66. Usually for "vegetarian" type foods, I go to the Whole Foods on Roosevelt if I can get someone to drive me (it's huge and has a great selection, especially their bulk bins). Otherwise I go to the one on Huron, but they don't have nut yeast in bulk, and I haven't tried looking for the prepackages stuff there.
    There's also a small shop near me called Maple Street Market (Maple & State) that has more specialty health food items. I bought a tub from there once too.

  67. thanks I haven't been to the WF on Roosevelt, but I was thinking about going to the DSW there this weekend...

  68. WF on Roosevelt is the best one in the city.

  69. Okay besides being high in sodium I did a stirfry thing with red cabbage, a yellow hot pepper, and turkey ham.
    I sprayed the pan with pam, cooked the ham, and then added the cabbage and peppers.
    And that's it. No extra spices added. I had that with a side of green beans.
    It was so yummay!

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