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  1. Pretty simple really Start with knowing how many calories you consume now, to stay at a set weight.
    Then, use 3500 calories per pound. That is, create a deficit of 3500 calories, and you'll lose one pound. If it's 3500 calories per week deficit, you'll lose one pound per week.
    That's an average and does not account for changes in metabolism as a result of changing your diet.
    The truth of hte matter is that no online site can tell you what you are asking. The best they can do is VERY rough approximations. In the end, YOU are responsible for continuing to reduce intake, and increase exercise, to lose weight.
    We've seen it on DiFo before, "I followed the plan on xxx website and am still not losing weight!", an attempt to blame a website. Buck up, look at your weight, your intake, your exercise and change one of them to cause a change in another one.

  2. I use the mayo clinic calculator But I think everyone else uses something different.
    I had an issue with this, but I'm doing research to see why the results are what they are!

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