where's chick? SS

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  1. I know I was thinking about her the other day...

  2. Chick--Pea or Chick_n_head?

  3. Chick-n-head is here Chick--Pea has been gone for over a week I think. Don't recall her mentioning any vacation stuff, hope everything is alright.

  4. present! Yes, I concur, hope Chick Pea is okay.

  5. your handle makes me laugh

  6. Thanks, Tigress (*waves at Chi*) It's actually the nickname my family gave me a long time ago (okay, well, started as Crispy, then to Crispy Chickenhead, now shortened to Chicken, which is the only name my nieces and nephews know me by, so the rest of the family runs with it). I kind of like it too.

  7. that's too cute

  8. *waves* for the record, you are chick-n or cnh.
    chick is chickpea.
    i think she surfaced with something about the sdd a few days ago. i, too, hope everything is ok.

  9. CP posted in a thread about kids and eating habits the other day, but yeah, otherwise she's been missing in action.

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