Yay snacks!

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  1. kinda weird combo... tablespoon of peanut butter with a small orange (not combined, but during the same snack-time). i have a half-broken molar, and can't eat very well at the moment (yes, in the process of fixing it, but it's making eating a little difficult!).

  2. ouch! I'm so sorry to hear that?
    Do you have a dentist? I know that sounds like and odd question, but I actually LOVE my dentist in the city and recommend him to everyone. If interested, please let me know. (don't want to just post his name for fear people think I work for him or am trying to sell something... ah, craigslist rules!)

  3. yes, but i don't like them! this is the first SF dentist i have tried since moving out here more than a year ago (i stuck with my old dentist in the east bay for a while, who also was fabulous!). my anon email is working if you'd like to sned me your recommendation!! i think this dentist is a quack. i could go on, but today was a trying day, to say the least. thanks!

  4. will do!

  5. got it - thanks SO much! love his last name, too

  6. awesome! seriously, hope you feel better. Can't imagine that sorta pain.

  7. its not painful, but annoying that my dentist is not going to fix it right away...i mean, i have a huge chunk of tooth missing, and all they can say is, "well the dr. is not answering our calls..." WTF? only ONE guy does root canals there? what a bunch of crap...
    ugh, sorry for the tangent difo.

  8. OMG, peanut butter! I was really tempted to put some on my apples (love that) but I was good.

  9. oh no! pb is great with apples! i do it all the time. great way to balance the carbo ratio - pb is mainly fat, but it's good fat, and it keeps the carb load down from the apple.

  10. I know. Unfortunately I hate the natural PB and love Jif which is bad for you. So I only have it as a very rare treat. :-)

  11. a-ha! i see...good call on that one ;-)

  12. Yeah. :( I tried the natural stuff but it tasted/felt like I was eating wet sawdust. lol
    I loves me some gooey, sugary, fatty Jif!

  13. Have you tried almond butter? Or stirring a bit of actual honey into natural PB?

    almond butter!

  14. I used to eat the bad peanut butter. Then I switched from that to Peter Pan reduced fat peanut butter.
    Then I switched from that to Skippy Natural Peanut butter. (Really good but it still has sugar in it.)
    Then I started mixing Skippy Natural with Natural Peanut butter. (the stuff with peanuts and salt)
    Then one day I had a craving for peanut butter. Real Peanut butter and Skippy Natural was doing nothing for the craving and has done nothing for my peanut butter cravings ever since.
    So now I only buy real unsalted peanut butter. (Put sodium into my peanut butter and watch the contents in the jar disappear quickly.)

  15. Not all natural PB's are bad I had to try a lot of different brands to find one that I liked. I found some taste like the shells others didn't taste fresh etc. I bet if you try different brands you'll find one you do like.
    Oh and I like jif too, but it's only an occassionl treat for me and when I do have it I always have the smooth not chunky because it's easier to control the serving size when you don't have to contend with the chunks, at least for me it is.

  16. I'm really lucky. Fresh peanut butter! The Farmer's Market is about a mile away. The peanut man has a stand there. He will throw some peanuts into his grinder and sell you a half pint. Delicious! I buy it a half pint at a time, so I portion it out correctly and don't go overboard AND because I haven't found anything that matches the fresh taste. - Although, the fresh taste could just be part of the ritual . . .

  17. ah! Sorry about the broken tooth indie! Yikes :(

  18. a pear and earlier it was greek yogurt (nonfat) w/ a teaspoon of agave topped with some soy nuts and flax.

  19. My current fav. "Pumpkin Cheesecake" Pumpkin Puree(canned pumpkin)
    Cottage Cheese
    Dash nutmeg
    You can sweeten it with splenda or honey if you want. You can pulse it in your magic bullet if you want. You could probably get really fancy and put it into a single serving pie tin and top with a couple of crushed walnuts if you want. I just mix the above and eat it as is.
    No need for whipped cream on that stuff either it is so good! One bite and you will be doing the Snoopy dance for a while.

  20. Fruit is my normal snack. I have a piece of fruit as part of my breakfast every morning. Then I use fruit as a snack. It satisfies my sweet tooth and is in my healthy eating habits.
    Then, every once in a while, it's one of those 100 cal. packs of popcorn, or some wasabi rice crackers, or meringue cookies, or pistachios . . .

  21. hard boiled egg!

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