Yesterday it all went out the window

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  1. Happens to the best of us and really it's not that bad. 4 truffles! Bah - amature! ;) just kidding. Really though, it could have been much worse and today is a new day. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Tn'T. I like the amature thing. lightening up from a guilt driven sabotage can be difficult at times.
    Yep, four truffles is a far cry from the professional arena I once dominated. Pancake eating champ of the 19** Greek Games at ISU. The secret was imbibing a special (ahem) herb just before the event.
    Yep a mire amature compared to those days.
    Today looks great!

  3. ISU = Indiana State? Tn'T, I like that! :D
    You're doing great! Congrats on not doing the whole 'well, this week is shot, I'll just start again next week' thing!
    Have a great day!

  4. Nope I won't say anything more about it. Don't know where those embarrassing photos might come up.
    Ya, glad you liked T n' T. There's also an AC/DC song called TNT. It could be a going to the gym Anthem!
    Thanks for the support. Today I'm back at doing what I want to, need to, and enjoy doing: eating healthy foods and nurturing a pretty special gal.
    Tomorrow its back to the gym. Can't today, I've got to get ready for work.
    Rock on!

  5. That would have been yeah, i actually listen to the back in black CD a lot at the gym. Brings back memories of high school and gets me moving!

  6. It is what it is and it's over.
    Let it go and move on.
    One healthy day does not make an obese person lean and fit.
    And one overindulgent day does not make a lean and fit person obese.
    It's what you do 90% of the time that matters.

  7. Right On.

  8. really not that bad at all dinner could have been better, but not the end of the world. truffles are not so bad, as you could have eaten the whole box. just make your next meal better than the last, and so on. i have my own moments of overindulgence at least once a week, and they don't seem to set me back or anything. in fact, tonight we are meeting a large group for dinner at a mexican restaurant where they serve pitchers of margaritas. will i be eating and drinking? of course!! i can't wait, actually. i plan to have ceviche (one of my all time faves), a few chips and salsa, and my share of margaritas.

  9. You say truffles like it's a bad thing I couldn't imagine living without them. Just be a little more active today. What's the big deal?

  10. Well It was the two high cal latte
    AND the truffles
    Lots of sugar AND lots of fat (the wrong kind).
    I'm over it. The day is young for me but its off to a go start at least.

  11. Tonight get more sleep The coffee and calories make me think that you are not getting enough good sleep at night. Lack of sleep lowers body temperature and makes you crave sugar as well as caffeine.
    Good luck! The day was not a loss; you learned something about your eating patterns under stress.
    Maybe stress management: yoga, massage, aerobic exercise and/or breathing exercises. These may help.
    Personally I don't think the truffles were as bad as the Slimfast bars. In fact, if you had a high protein real dinner you might not have wanted the truffles. Maybe next time a skinless chicken breast or some poached salmon. And a salad.

  12. Here's how to avoid that in the future Those thing that tempt you - put them ON your diet. In limited amounts, compensating for them somewhere else.
    In my 50+ years of watching heavy people try to lose weight, some successful and some not, it seems that "cold turkey" is a virtual guarantee of failure. If you forbid certain foods, then you'll crave them.
    If, instead, you make them a small part of your planned diet, then you wont' crave them.

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