What Does a Legit Article Writing Service Look Like?

It is easy to spot a legit article writing service. However, from afar, all article services look similar. All feature the same advertisement and boost of superior services. It only becomes a scam when you transact your money and don’t get back your service. 

A legit site must first have a good reputation. Online writing services thrive on reputation. Once you hear a good word about an online site, you will be tempted to prove the compliment. Most firms work round the clock to ensure they have a good online reputation.

How can you tell whether a firm has a good reputation? There are two basic parameters for evaluating the reputation of a firm. These include:

Online Reviews

After receiving a complete order from the firm, most clients are requested to rate the service. The response is usually in the form of a review posted on the firm’s website. It contains your experience with the service. Therefore, before subscribing to any site, ensure you go through the reviews from other clients to get a hint of their services. 


There is little difference between a review and a testimonial. A testimonial refers to a recorded statement that supports the credibility of a particular service. Previous clients write testimonials to the service. It helps in strengthening the reputation of the firm by expressing trust in their services. 

Red Flags from Scam Sites

In the worlds of the internet full of scams and fraudulent sites, we bring you some red flags to keep an eye out.

Edited Reviews and Testimonials

Legit sites use reviews and testimonials to give their clients a hint of the services to expect. Most fraud sites take advantage of this by including the same tools in their sites. However, you can tell a truthful one from a fake. When you read a review and sounds generic, that is one red flag. A review is a personal statement by the client; it can never sound generic.

No Customer Returns

The rule of thumb is that you will return to a site that offered good quality service in the first place. However, in case the site has no return customers, this is another red flag. It gives off the impression that the services are substandard. Inquire about the rate of customer return from the customer care support first.

Low Ratings

Most sites usually have a rating from their clients after completing an order. The service rating ranges from one star meaning low quality, to five stars representing high quality. When the site hides this data, it is a red flag. Inquire more about the writers to check how other clients rated them for their services. 

Non-Native Writers

There is no use in having a non-native write your article. Here are some reasons why you should not work with non-native writers:

  • They lack a strong command of the English language
  • They cannot format your paper accordingly
  • They lack a basic understanding of your order

It is a whole lot of trouble working with non-native writers. Ensure the site offers high-quality writers with a strong command of the English language. 

Maynard Benton


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