Is Blogging Lucrative?

A while back, blogging was a favorite past time. Currently, it has transformed into a business boom. Many people are jumping into the bandwagon daily. Firms are working alongside bloggers to market their products.

How many blogs do you visit in your news feed? How many hours do you spend reading through blogs? The answers are astonishing when broken down in numbers. An average teen spends up to two hours going through publications on their smartphones.

Some of the leading firms are taking advantage of this. To reach potential customers, firms are spending millions of dollars on blogs. Do you wonder why you are viewing advertisements when reading your daily dose of the blog? It is a marketing strategy, and your blogger is laughing all the way to the bank.

Do you still fetch a few views for your blogs? Do not worry; most famous bloggers started that way. It is about being famous overnight and boom! You have amassed a large following. Start with your small circle when posting the blogs. With time and effort, your circle will increase, and so your views. 

Pro Tips for Blog Writing

If you are starting on this course, you are in better hands. Here are sure tips on how to grow your blogs to getter higher views.

Know Your Audience

Let’s face it; not everyone will read your blog. People have different tastes and preferences. It is one bitter pill most bloggers fail to understand. Not all your blogs will rank on the top of people’s feeds. Some will skip your blog, not because of poor writing skills, but the difference in interest.

Catering for Needs

After selecting your audience, it is time to cater to their needs. Your audience has a shared interest in your blog. Maybe a certain topic that brings them together. For example, a blog about college life is bound to attract your fellow students. However, if you try blogging about parental life, you are bound to lose them.

Making Riveting Content

After selecting your audience, it is time to feed them with what they like. You have probably seen a long line of blog topics that cater to your audience. Therefore, carry out enough research to bring out interest topics. Using similar topics for your blogs reduces the interest of your audience in it. Your audience wants to read about something different and exciting.

Keyword Use

When writing your blog, certain keywords are important in ranking your blog. The use of keywords plays an important role when it comes to SEO. Using highly searchable keywords in your blogs increases the ranking of your blog in search engines. However, you should wisely use the keywords and avoid overusing them. There are penalties for blogs that overuse keywords.

Use Subheadings

Your audience is tired of reading long paragraphs in their academic work. Therefore, you should edit your blog in an attractive manner. Include subsections and short paragraphs to span the attention of the readers. Other elements you can include to make your content more interesting include:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Hashtags
  • Hyperlinks

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