What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a requirement for any college student before graduation and go to this link – https://writemyessaytoday.org. It works to serve for significant purposes:

  • Present and justify the need for studying a research problem
  • Presenting practical ways for conducting the proposed study

The research process and design elements are usually a product of a particular discipline. You will find that the guidelines for a research proposal are less exacting compared to a research project.

When writing a research proposal, it contains a detailed literature review. It provides theoretical backup for supporting the current issue under study. The proposal goes in-depth when it comes to providing a detailed methodology.

Raw Format of a Research Proposal

A research proposal contains major components that cut across different fields of study. Here is a breakdown of standard components present in a basic proposal:

Title Page

A basic proposal starts with a title page. When writing the title, it should be centered at the upper half with each word capitalized in the sentence. The words making up the sentence should be between 12-20 words.

In other cases, it follows with a subtitle that helps in describing the main title. In case you choose this route, you should separate the title from the subtitle with a colon. Furthermore, you should check the capitalization of each word.


It starts on the second page of the proposal. Its heading contains the full title for the manuscript, which is capitalized at the page’s start. It further breaks down into subsections, including the research questions.

A standard recommendation from experts is to write the introduction last. You will find that it becomes easier to write last when you have all the information. It gives you a better understanding of the background of the story.

It would help if you started with an opening with the first two paragraphs. It would help if you introduced your research questions while stating exciting facts about them. Start by making general observations while finishing off with an in-depth analysis.

Literature Review

The section aims at building your argument for the methodology chosen in the research. It is the perfect chance to address your research questions. The section contains citations from previous researches and publications. When writing the literature review, it is essential to check the:

  1. Outline of the significant points you want to be stated in the body of the research
  2. Structure for the argument during your writing process.
  3. Theoretical underpinnings that help solidify your research.

Research Design

Apart from describing the research design, you need to explain the beneficial side of the research questions. Ensure it is in a position to offer objectivity and depth. Justify the selection of the research design. Mention any research gaps that exist and the need to carry out your research.

Methods and Data

It refers to the section that describes how you collected the data. The section should be written in a clear and detailed manner to make your reader understand the process. All elements involved in the research process should be detailed. However, it would help if you avoided including irrelevant data elements. It contains a description of your respondents and more information about their background.

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