Why is Research Proposal Writing Important to Students?

In most cases, students do not understand why they have to write research proposals during their schooling. Most of them cannot fathom what it means or even its importance. A top-notch proposal ought to show the intentions of a chosen project. Secondly, it should make the thesis committee realize the potential of the student as a researcher. The student must include all the research processes in the research proposal. A well-written research proposal should have enough information on the research conducted. This helps the reader understand the ideas a student is trying to put across and their relevance.

The Significance of a Research Proposal

A standard proposal should be about ten to 20 pages. If the proposal is written correctly, the student will have an easier time writing the research project later. The proposal must be educational and convincing. Not only does the proposal persuade the reader on what is being researched, but it also makes the audience believe that your solutions to the problem are practical and suitable. A research proposal should help in the documentation of the following three things:

  1. Sources of the research materials
  2. The anticipated area of study and the uniqueness of the paper
  3. The chosen research proposal supervisor

What a Standard Research Proposal Must Include

A well-written proposal should include the following:

  1. An outline based on the research proposal objectives
  2. A summary of previous researches related to the chosen topic
  3. A short explanation of the research methods and designs to be used
  4. An elucidation showing the proposed schedule the proposal writing may take
  5. A draft indicating all the chapter headings

Parts of a Research Proposal

A top-notch proposal must have the following essential parts:

The title

The title you pick should be informative and fascinating. It should give the reader a clear picture of the research problem you wish to address

Research Experiences

In the research background part, the student should:

  1. Give an identification of the discipline he belongs to
  2. Write a literature appraisal
  3. The basis of the research to be conducted

The Problem Statements

The student must formulate at least three problem statements. This is to help the student explain why they choose to address these problems and why they are worthwhile. The research questions should be clearly stated.

The Research Methods to be Used

The student must provide details of the following:

  1. The research tactics have taken
  2. The sources of information
  3. The most appropriate research method
  4. The advantages of undertaking this research
  5. The hardships encountered when conducting your research.

The Purpose of your Research

As a student, you should make sure that your proposal should demonstrate the research's purpose. The proposal must indicate why your research is worthwhile.


A good proposal ought to have a short index relating to the research you have conducted. The appendix must contain the following:

  1. A list of sources or citations from where you got your information from
  2. A list of all the graphs and tables used in the research proposal
  3. The names of the authors
  4. The dates when the materials were published

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