The Roles Played by the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

The introduction plays a crucial role in an academic paper. It announces and forms a context for the subject being addressed. It helps the student describe his paper's structure and launches the argument behind writing the paper.

The body carries all the weight in an academic paper. It follows the steps created by the introduction. The student is supposed to discuss all his arguments to prove his point in this part of an essay.

The role of a conclusion is to emphasize the purpose of the essay. The student ought to review the critical points in the paper and maintain his ground on his ideas. As a student, you should not introduce new points in the conclusion.

Tips on How to Organize and Structure an Academic Paper

A well-written essay should be appropriately organized and structured. A paper may be well researched, but you would get low grades if it lacks a proper structure. Below are some guidelines to help you organize your academic paper:

Organize your Thoughts

This is an essential part of writing an academic paper. The student should compile and analyze all the points he/she wants to discuss in the essay. It is advisable to take some short notes on the topic as you conduct your research. As a student, you should ask yourself this question, "what's the purpose of this essay?"

Always Aim for Precision

An academic paper should be as detailed and straightforward as possible. The reader must comprehend all the ideas and arguments you are articulating. Try and use simple and understandable sentences. This will help you avoid making grammatical errors. Short and precise sentences also make it easier for you when proofreading your papers. Below are three things you should aim in an essay:

  • Correctness
  • Easiness
  • Lucidity

Formulate a Problem Statement

As a student, you should learn how to use a problem statement in your essays. The purpose of a thesis statement is to capture the argument in the essay. An essay should have at least three research problems that must be clearly and articulately written.

Conduct Proper Research

A good student should always put more emphasis on researching his/her topic. This helps you gather more points that will help you bring out your contentions properly. The following are some of the sources you may use while conducting your research:

  1. Newspapers
  2. Magazines and journals
  3. The internet
  4. Books from the library
  5. Publications

After conducting proper research on your topic, you will have gathered enough points to support your arguments. Below are some additional tips to help you out:

Create an Outline

Composing a draft is a significant step towards writing an academic paper. You should write down all the points and keywords you may come across when researching. These points will now become the headings in your essay. The outline will also help you sort out the key points and the shallow ideas you have listed. Any information that doesn't suit your essay will be easily identified with the help of the draft.

Edit and Proofread

Before handing in your assignment, it is always advisable to proofread your paper. Look for the grammatical errors you may have made. You may also choose to give your friend the assignment so that they can proofread it for you.

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