What are the basics of writing?

For one to write an excellent article, he/she must adhere to the basics of writing. Every writer must be creative, relevant, and know to ignore the words that can distract the reader. These basic rules apply in all types of writing since they help writers in delivering quality papers. Here are some other rules that help in article writing:

Conduct thorough research

A credible paper needs comprehensive research. The writer must have sufficient points to write an article diligently. It is always advisable to use facts when discussing a subject or an idea. Make sure these facts are valid and dependable. Always cite the sources you may have used in the paper to avoid plagiarism.

Be concise

An article writer must always be brief and straightforward. You ought to avoid all the unnecessary words when making your argument. You are free to use online free software to help you detect wordiness in your paper, which can be distracting to the reader. If you can't find a good software, you may also ask your peers to proofread your papers.

Write a fascinating introduction.

A good article must have an enthralling introduction. It should be simple, straightforward, and straight to the point. You may even start with a hook or short story that will help grab the reader's attention. Do not go outside the topic in the introduction.

Structure your paragraphs properly

The body paragraphs should always be broad enough to convey the intended message. However, writing too long paragraphs may put off your reader. A standard paragraph should be short enough so that the reader can go through it as quickly as possible and get a clear picture of the matter being addressed. A one-sentence paragraph must be avoided.

Create an outline

An outline is an essential part of every writing process. This is because it helps in:

  • Organizing ideas on a particular topic
  • Structuring your body paragraphs
  • Shaping your views in a successive manner
  • Identifying the relevant ideas

Be creative and relevant

Every writer ought to think critically before writing any article. Critical thinking helps in determining the relevance of the topic to the audience. You must understand your audience first before writing any article. An article writer should be creative enough to keep his/her audience interested. Make your paper enjoyable to read. The following are ways to make your article fascinating:

Pick an interesting topic

As a writer, you must choose a subject that will be enjoyable to write about. This will make your work easier. Secondly, you must be interested in that topic. In case you don't like the topic, you will end up writing low-quality papers.

Be unique

As a writer, uniqueness is fundamental. Always write about your own experiences. If you have to use someone else work, remember to cite your sources. Plagiarism is not tolerated when it comes to writing.


It is always advisable to brainstorm for ideas if you are a competent writer. You may even discuss several subjects or themes with your peers and later pick one to write about.

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